PAASCU Accredited

Philippine Education is enormously challenging, but not for a UNO-R College of Education graduate! Become the pillar on which our future stands. Let the UNO-R College of Education guide you towards excellence!

Specific Objectives

  • Produce competent BEED and BSED graduates who are equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed for effective and efficient teaching.
  • Provide professional and technical training through the academic and non-academic requirements with the cooperation of the laboratory schools and other linkages.
  • Instill upon future teachers the importance of religion and train them to become partners in evangelization.
  • Provide training in research relevant to teacher education and other fields needed in effecting positive change in the society.
  • Undertake sports and cultural activities to develop the student’s personality and make them confident in dealing with the members of the academic community (or with other members of the society).
  • Work with government and non-government agencies through community immersion programs, sharing facilities and expertise in order to build a self-reliant and self-sufficient community
  • Provide training in basic skills in administration and supervision both in elementary and high school.

General Objectives

The College of Education aims to develop globally competent Catholic Christian educators and librarians who are physically, intellectually, morally, socially and emotionally prepared to fulfill their commitment to their profession, able to bring about a better life for the people, and open and responsive to the signs of the times.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Elementary Education
Major in: General Education Curriculum
Special Education
Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in: English
Biological Science
Short Term Course:
Certificate in Teaching