The UNO-R Seal


The UNO-R seal highlights the Heart with the flame and arrow – typical of the Order of the Augustinian Recollect. The symbols challenge every UNO-Rian to be like Father St. Augustine to go back to the heart and listen to the word of God and to find refuge in the teachings of the Mother Church.


The Heart represents love, especially the love of God for man.


The Arrow symbolizes the word of God that hits us right in the heart.


The Flame symbolizes the Bible/Scriptures and the strict adherence to the authority and the teachings of the Catholic Church.


The Star is the Star of Tolentino. It symbolizes St. Nicholas of Tolentino, the Patron Saint of the University.


The Eagle symbolizes the boldness of the spirit of every UNO-Rian to “soar up” and follow his dream. It represents the theological teachings of St. Augustine, pointing to the superiority and relevance of his ideas over all others.


BLUE symbolizes accountability where each UNO-Rian is trained to be accountable for his actions as well as for the environment.
GOLD symbolizes the opportunities offered to every UNO-Rian for the total development of his being.


Sugarcanes represent the Negros sugar industry.
Purple sugarcanes symbolize the original sugarcanes, the “Negros Purple”, propagated by Father Fernando Cuenca, the promoter of the Sugar Industry in Negros. Because of his invention of the hydraulic sugarcane press, he gained this title.
Green sugarcanes symbolize the sugar industry of Negros Occidental, which traces back its origin to Fr. Fernando Cuenca.


All aspects of the University – moral, religious, structures, organizations, teachings and management styles, and pedagogical principles draw inspiration from St. Augustine’s theme CARITAS ET SCIENTIA.


St. Nicholas
of Tolentine

Our Patron Saint

Golden Ram

Our Mascot