UNO-R is an Augustinian Recollect Center of Learning which makes knowledge (SCIENTIA) a structure of wisdom that leads one to the exercise of love (CARITAS).

Our Vision

We are a Catholic University committed to the integral formation of the human person with passion for excellence and service to the Church and society.

Our Mission

We are an Augustinian Recollect University that educates the mind and heart by providing the climate, the structure, and the means to develop the vocation, knowledge, skills, talents, and attitude of the community as permeated by the Gospel values for the service of humanity, love and praise to the One God.


Spiritually sound individuals who are CHRIST-centered and MARIAN- inspired.

Intellectually cultured individuals who are able to rationally and eloquently communicate their ideas and appreciate the arts as reflections of the infinite beauty of God;

Morally healthy individuals who can weigh values with great sense of accountability;

Physically healthy individuals who give due respect to the body, keeping it fit as a temple of the HOLY SPIRIT;

Culturally conscious individuals who value heritage earned by past generations, enriching it by promoting desirable traditions and rendering authentic service to the Church and the country for the common good;

Socially concerned individuals who are sensitive and responsive to the needs of the marginalized sector of the community and the society;

Technically proficient individuals who are superior in useful skills in the practice of professions; and

Scholarly leaders of science who extend the frontiers of knowledge through experimentation and verification bringing about a deeper evaluation of problems that will make them see profoundly the synthesis of faith, reason, culture and life.

Quality Statement

In accordance with the vision, mission, and objectives of the institution, the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos commits itself to:

  • Offer continuing education, with religious education as the core, to qualified persons (learners, faculty/staff, alumni, and other interested parties) with a preferential option for the poor from the elementary to the graduate levels (Academics);
  • Open opportunities for the development of skills and talents in the areas of technical-vocational, sports, and cultural endeavors (Non-Academics);
  • Complement the study programs with inter-disciplinary projects that enable the academic community to be actively involved in the promotion of the total development of man (Community Extension); and
  • Enrich existing academic programs and broaden knowledge through functional, ethical researches while producing and protecting items with intellectual property, for the authentic good of individuals and society (Research).

The UNO-R Quality Policy shall comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the educational industry, professional organizations and communities the University subscribes to.

Augustinian Values