Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Program aims to produce academically competent graduates who can handle basic and advance hospitality/tourism operations of international standards by equipping them with competencies and skills that are needed to execute operational tasks and management functions in culinary, food service and beverage, lodging and accommodation, events planning, and recreation services. 

Skills Development  

  • Culinary Arts  Sales and Marketing 
  • Front Office  Food Service 
  • Customer/Personnel Relations  Bartending 
  • Entrepreneurship Event Organizing 
  • Housekeeping   


Curricular Requirements (Course Units Distribution) 

Level  Course Classification  First Semester  Second Semester  Summer 
First Year  General Education  8 Units  8 Units   
Professional Education  9 Units  6 Units   
Institutional Requirements  4 Units  3 units   
Second Year  General Education  8 units  8 units   
Professional Education  9 Units  12 Units   
Institutional Requirements  3 Units  3 Units   
Third Year  General Education  6 Units  3 Units   
Professional Education  15 Units  21 Units   
Institutional Requirements       
Fourth Year  General Education  9 Units     
Professional Education  9 Units  6 Units 
Institutional Requirements  1 Unit   


Work Opportunities  ) 

  • Chef/Asst. Chef Event/Meeting Organizer 
  • Front Office Manager/Receptionist Public Relations Officer/Staff 
  • Sales Account Executive/Manager Human Relations Officer/Manager 
  • Housekeeping Manager/Supervisor Marketing Coordinator 
  • Food Writer Night Auditor 

How much do I pay per semester (approximate)?  How to enroll?  Program Entry Requirements? 

A regular load per semester will cost approximately P30,000 – 35,000/ semester 

 Program Entry Requirements  

  • High School Report Card 
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character 
  • NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopies) 
  • SDPC Entrance Examination 
  • 4 Pieces 2×2 ID Picture 
  • Certification of Academic Performance (for those who will apply for academic scholarships) 

Where to call? 

For further inquiries, you may call our direct line at 034-4339834 or the university’s trunkline number 034-4332449 local 184. 

 Social Media Details? 

Feel free to send us a message through our messenger account: for any concerns/questions/clarifications that you may have. 

 You may check also our videos on YouTube to get a glimpse of what we do in BSBA : 


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