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The College of Engineering aims to provide well – rounded education necessary to produce engineers competent in their specialized fields to anticipate and meet the needs of the region and the country, through a balanced program of instruction and research in both the fundamentals and applied areas of knowledge in keeping with the national goal of economic self-sufficiency through technical development.

Courses Offered


BS Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering aims to provide a holistic education that will produce chemical engineers who are technically competent in their specialized field in order to anticipate and meet the needs of the region, the country, and the global community, through a balanced program of instruction and research; and…

BS Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering provides an Augustinian-Recollect style of education in producing Civil Engineers who possess strength of character and technical competence through a balanced and responsive curricula, effective instruction and practical and relevant research program in order to address the needs and demands of the nation and the…

BS Computer Engineering

In consonance with the Mission Statement of the University, the Computer Engineering Department aims to equip you with basic knowledge and skills required in different areas of computer specialization as a profession. And also of aims to give the you a solid foundation in the field of computer engineering that…

BS Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Department aims to educate you in the fundamentals of electrical engineering within the framework of making you technically-proficient and intellectually-cultured professionals and protégés of electrical engineering and at the same time, having you imbued with religious, moral, social, cultural and physical health principles that will enable you…

BS Electronics Engineering

In line with the Mission and Vision of the University, the Electronics and Communications Engineering Department would like to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed in the profession. Alongside with it, the department aims as well to instill to you the Christian faith, values and charism you…

BS Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department aims to train you in the field of mechanical engineering with the idea of molding you to be technically-proficient and intellectually-cultured professionals and protégés of mechanical engineering, and, at the same time, nurture you in the areas of corporeality, spirituality, morality, sociability and culture with Christian…

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