Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Since 1983)


Bachelor of Arts in Communication is a program that aims to equip students with a balanced foundation in communication theories and practices to prepare the students for the various media and communication professions and industries.

As a field of study, Communication covers the various ways by which humans communicate.  It focuses on how verbal and non-verbal messages are used to create meanings in different contexts using diverse media platforms.  It includes a broad range of subject matter ranging from the study of communication in interpersonal relationships, groups, organizations, and cultures.  For enrichment, it provides classroom and laboratory simulations, field exposures, and internships.

Skills Development

  • Research Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Social Dramatics
  • Community Development
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Creative and Journalistic Styles of Writing
  • Digital Content Production
  • Management Communication
  • Radio and TV Production
  • Organizational Culture and Humanitarian Communication

Curricular Requirement (Course Units Distribution)

Level Course Classification First Semester Second Semester Summer
First Year General Education 14 Units 8 Units
Professional Education 6 Units 12 Units
Institutional Requirements 4 Units 3 units
Second Year General Education 8 units 11 units
Professional Education 12 Units 12 Units
Institutional Requirements 3 Units 3 Units
Third Year General Education 3 Units
Professional Education 12 Units 12 Units
Institutional Requirements
Fourth Year General Education  
Professional Education 12 Units 9 Units
Institutional Requirements 1 Unit

Work Opportunities

  • Radio Broadcaster
  • TV Newscaster/ Personality
  • Advertisement Specialist
  • Content and Video Producer
  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Online Back Office Support
  • Communication Educator
  • Brand Manager and Sales Representative
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Human Resource Specialist

Rate per semester

* Approx. 20,000 – 25,000.00

* For the steps for online enrolment, you may visit the official website of UNO- Recoletos:

* Program Entry Requirements

  • Student Information System Form (from the Registrar)
  • Receipt of payment for enrolment
  • 2 pcs 2×2 picture (white background)
  • Photocopy of report card
  • Entrance examination result
  • Interview with the Program Head (online or on-site)

Contact us

433-2449 local 158 or


Social Media

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  • FIRST YEAR - First Semester 0/10

  • FIRST YEAR - Second Semester 0/10

  • Second Year - First Semester 0/9

  • Second Year - Second Semester 0/10

  • Third Year - First Semester 0/7

  • Third Year - Second Semester 0/7

  • Fourth Year - First Semester 0/7

  • Fourth Year - Second Semester 0/4

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