BS Mass Communication


Mass Communication is a program that aims to equip students with a balanced foundation in communication theories and practices to prepare for the various mass media and communication professions and industries.

The program includes overview courses in journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, communication research, photography, media management, mass media and society, and communication technology. For enrichment, it provides classroom and laboratory, simulations, fieldwork, and internship.

  1. Program Objectives
  2. Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication aims to:
  3. Provide students with strong foundations in communication theories and principles for them to be responsible media practitioners;
  4. Equip them with the skills, training, and exposure in journalism, broadcasting, advertising, research, and media management;
  5. Expose students to simulated and actual conditions where they can gain experience and apply theories in developmental communication; and
  6. Train students to be responsive to their needs in the technologically advancing world of communication.
  • FIRST YEAR - First Semester 0/10

  • FIRST YEAR - Second Semester 0/10

  • Second Year - First Semester 0/9

  • Second Year - Second Semester 0/10

  • Third Year - First Semester 0/7

  • Third Year - Second Semester 0/7

  • Fourth Year - First Semester 0/7

  • Fourth Year - Second Semester 0/4

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