Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE) is a program that embodies the science and technology of design, development, implementation, maintenance and integration of software and hardware components in modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment. To distinguish to other computer professionals, graduates of this program possess the ability to design computers, computer-based systems and networks that include both hardware and software, have a breadth of knowledge in mathematics and engineering sciences, and acquire and maintain a preparation for professional practice in engineering. 

 The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE) Program of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos (UNO-R) aims to produce graduates who are versatile in the knowledge drawn from standard topics in computer science and electrical engineering as well as the foundations in mathematics and sciences.  Imbued with the Augustinian-Recollect values and charism and as part of University’s evangelizing mission, graduates of this program will become life-long learners to maintain their knowledge and skills within their chosen discipline.  


Skills Development 

Software Design, Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Design and Applications, Hardware Description Language (HDL) and Logic Design, Microprocessors and Applications, Low-level/Assembly Language Programming Language, High-level Programming Language, Computing Algorithms, Computer Architecture and Organization, Digital Design, Robotics, Real-time Embedded Systems, Computer Networks and Administration, Systems and Project Engineering, Product Development and Technopreneurship, Research and Development, Internet-of-Things, AI applications, Data Analytics, Biometrics 


Curricular Requirements (Course Units Distribution)  

Level  Course Classification   First Semester  Second Semester  Summer 
First Year  Institutional Requirements  4 Units  3 Units   
Professional Engineering   3 Units  5 units   
General Engineering  8 Units  9 units   
General Education  8 Units  8 units   
Second Year  Institutional Requirements  3 Units  3 Units   
Professional Engineering   6 Units  11 Units   
General Engineering  4 Units     
General Education  11 Units  11 Units   
Third Year  Institutional Requirements       
Professional Engineering   15 Units  17 Units   
General Engineering  6 Units  3 Units  3 Units 
General Education  3 Units  6 Units   
Fourth Year  Institutional Requirements    1 Unit   
Professional Engineering   18 Units  16 Units 
General Engineering     
General Education  3 Units   


Work Opportunities  

The graduates may work in Military/Civilian Research and Development, as Embedded Systems/Product Developer with FRGAs and Microprocessors, Chip Designers or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Developer, Space/Satellite Systems Developer with FPGAs, Computer Hardware Development, Firmware Developer, Project Engineer/Manager, Network Systems Administrator/manager, Data Communications Engineer, Data Analyst, Systems Engineer/Developer/Manager, Systems Analysts/Designer, Software Engineer/Developer, Technical Support Engineer/Manager, Educator, Quality Assurance Engineer/Manager, Technopreneur and others. 


Rate per semester 

Payment per Semester: Php 24, 000.00 



Visit or contact the Program Head through the official messenger account of the program 


Program Entry Requirements

Any SHS graduate from any track can enroll.  No bridging is required since the support is embedded in the curriculum. 


Contact us

Ms. Pamela L. Delgado 

Office Secretary 

(034) 433-9823  


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