Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering (Since 1979)


The Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering is a program that embraces the blending of multifactorial aspects of concept, development, design, improvement, and application when it comes to the safe, healthy, and ethical practice when converting raw materials to finished products that are useful for a sustainable society. 

The Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE) is a program that is anchored on a multifaceted unification of various critical thought. It blends the art and science of conceptualization and development with the design and improvement toward applying a safe and healthy environment through converting raw materials into finished products. What anchors the program in modern technology is the use of strategies and research in unit processes and unit operations for the benefit of society. 

As an Engineering program, BSChE combines the fundamental aspects of mathematics, chemistry, biology, information technology, and even the natural and social sciences to provide solutions to many of our world’s problems. The program focuses on applying such knowledge in the quality assessment, design, and investigation of industrial concerns and consumer products. 

The aim of the BSChE program is to equip future engineers with the competencies as professionals who can apply knowledge of mathematics and sciences, design policies and systems, and communicate effectively in the community. Moreover, with Augustinian charism driven through the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, BSChE graduates are also equipped as evangelizers of the faith, embracing and spreading these values as they maintain a zeal of industriousness. 

Skills Development 

  • Engineering estimation Laboratory Skills 
  • Plant Design Research Capacity 
  • Equipment Design Process Safety 
  • Systems Thinking Environmental Protection Awareness 
  • Commercial Awareness Written and Oral Communication 


Curricular Requirements  

Level  Course Classification  First Semester  Second Semester  Summer 
First Year  Institutional Requirements  4 units  3 units   
Professional Engineering    5 units   
General Engineering  8 units  12 units   
General Education  14 units  5 units   
Second Year  Institutional Requirements  3 units  3 units   
Professional Engineering  12 units  12 units   
General Engineering  10 units  6 units   
General Education  2 units  5 units   
Third Year  Institutional Requirements       
Professional Engineering  12 units  15 units  2 units 
General Engineering  3 units     
General Education  6 units  6 units   
Fourth Year  Institutional Requirements    1 unit   
Professional Engineering  13 units  18 units   
General Engineering  3 units     
General Education  6 units  3 units   


Work Opportunities  

  • Process Supervisor Scientist 
  • Design Engineer  Research and Development Specialist  
  • Quality Assurance Manager Operations Specialist 
  • Plant Manager Health and Safety Engineer 
  • Pollution Control Officer Sales Manager 


How much do I pay per semester (approximate) ?  How to enrol?  Program Entry Requirements? 

Payment per Semester: PhP 23,000.00 

How to Enroll: Visit or contact the Program Head through 

Program Entry Requirements: Any SHS graduate from any track can enroll. No bridging is required since the support is embedded in the curriculum. 


Contact us

 Office Secretary – Pamela Delgado – (034) 4339823 


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