UNO-R Honors Employees

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Feast of St. Augustine – The Human Resource Development Office in cooperation with the Office of the Vice-President for Academics honored faculty members and employees of UNO-R last August 28, 2008 at the university auditorium after the Concelebrated Mass.

The SARF band composed of (l-r:) Mr. Sumbillo, Fr. Limchaypo,OAR, Mr. Concepcion, Mr. Moral and Mr. Dalumpines.

The occasion was tagged as "UNO-R Family Day". New members of the UNO-R community were introduced. A mini-concert was also led the Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternity (SARF) band with Rev. Fr. Antonio Limchaypo, OAR as lead singer.

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The Most Outstanding Personnel (l-r: Mr. de la Cruz, Mr. Ravelista and Mrs. Mugar) with Ms. Jamili, Fr. Conde, OAR and Fr. Bitangjol, OAR.

Most Oustanding Educator was Mrs. Sol Abellar of the College of Education. Mr. Ruby C. Ravelista of the Property Administrator's Office was the Most Outstanding Non-Teahing Personnel  while Mrs. Virginia C. Mugar of the Library was the Most Outstanding Academic Non-Teaching Personnel and Mr. Noel C. de la Cruz was named the Most Outstanding Maintenance Personnel.

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The Outstanding Educators and the Most Outstanding Educator with Fr. Buhay, OAR and Fr. Bitangjol, OAR. (L-R: Fr. Buhay, OAR, Mrs. Lamis, Mr. Ogapong, Mrs. Pico, Mrs. Azucena, Mrs. Uy, Mr. Adricula, Mrs. Lagradilla, Mrs. Abellar and Fr. Bitangjol, OAR)

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A concelebrated mass headed by Fr. Buhay, OAR with (l-r:) Fr. Villaflor, OAR, Fr. Saycon, OAR, Fr. Moral, OAR and Fr. Bitangjol, OAR.

The Outstanding Personnel were as follows:

Academic Non-Teaching Personnel    –    Whaggie G. Saronillo (Library)
                                                          –    Lino Z. Sumbillo (SDPC)
Non-Teaching Personnel
                   –    Josette G. Juen (Registrar's Office)
                                                          –    Ildefonso G. Obligado (Property Office)
Maintenance Personnel                     –    Cesar S. Lamasan
                                                          –    Raymundo L. Montinola

Other Finalists were:

  1. Virginia L. delos Reyes (Accounting Office)
  2. Quirico G. Yanguas (Property Office)
  3. Susan A. Escalona (Library)
  4. Marilyn M. Gargaceran (Registrar's Office)
  5. Luz Cielo C. Ganza (DSA Office)
  6. Myrna A. Baynosa (CMO)
  7. Rodelyn Talapiero (Registrar's Office)

Listed were the employees with Zero Tardiness-Zero Absences:

  1. Virginia L. delos Reyes (Accounting Office)
  2. Marilyn M. Gargaceran (Registrar's Office)
  3. Josette G. Juen (Registrar's Office)
  4. Bismark S. Peñascoza (Accounting Office)

The Outstanding Educators were the following:

  • Ma. Teresa L. Lagradilla (College of Education)
    Rommel M. Adricula (College of Information Technology)
    Liezl D. Uy (College of Nursing)
    Vilma B. Azucena (College of Arts and Sciences)
    Lourdes B. Pico (College of Business and Accountancy)
    Alejandro G. Ogapong (College of Engineering)
    Leila C. Magalona (High School Department)
    Cristina S. Lamis (Grade School Department)

The occasion ended with a 'salo-salo' at the auditorium.