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Cory is the Mother of the Filipino People. Her “YES” freed the Filipino nation from the grip of tyranny through a peaceful, miraculous and redeeming revolt of EDSA People Power in 1986.

The icon of Cory Inangbayan bears significant symbols in the life of Tita Cory. The central image of the dove within the heart is a symbol of PEACE embedded in a “Corazon” – her identity in the struggle for democracy. The LABAN sign formed by her right soft hand symbolizes her dedication of pursuing the unfinished struggle of Ninoy for freedom. While the rosary on the left hand conveys three meaningful messages: Her dedication as a mother; the commitment as wife of a political activist and her unwavering faithfulness to God and special devotion to the Blessed Mother.

The EDSA shrine in the background, with the imprint of Ninoy’s assassinated body on the tarmac bears the  redeeming journey of Ninoy’s death up to the heights of the success of the People Power in 1986.

The yellow ribbon, immortalizes the legacy of Cory in the hearts of the Filipino people who remains grateful in her work for the nation.

Title: Cory Inangbayan
Artist: Agustin Jakosalem
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Year: 2009