Signs of the Times?

Death of a US Peace Corps volunteer somewhere in Luzon. A shooting rampage of an Asian in the U.S.  The rise of oil prices.  Election fever. The release on bail of an army colonel believed to be the head of a mutiny. The First Gentleman falling into the fate of the Surgeon’s scissors.

These are some of the events that have opened the sleeping eye of an ordinary Filipino.

If one will dwell deeper into the issues at hand one would see that there is more to these superficial issues presented.


In the ancient Biblical times, Yahweh talks to the Israelites through signs. Natural calamities were often sent to remind the people of his presence. They would immediately recall their covenant with their God. Famine, earthquake, flash flood, drought, pestilence and even plagues were sent by God to remind the people of His presence. The people would immediately understand that God is telling them something. After the great events, Prophets would come out and interpret the event, thus, the people would understand the will of Yahweh for them.


Today, we have become so calloused that we often miss the message of God for us. We often miss the message and the will of the father for us. We have been very busy of the useless tasks that we often forget to communicate to God.  God must be telling us something. He must be sending us the signals that there is something bigger that would hit us.


Politics, partisanship, materialism, secularism, idealism, and many more obstacles have blinded us in seeing the realities and of understanding the Will of God for us. They have made us blind and deaf from all the realities.


We have to open our eyes now and see the realities.


The death of the US peace Corp volunteer has shocked us. It has made the tourism industry in the country suffer. Recent developments tell us that there are already suspects of the crime. Maybe as you read this article, one may already hear the closure of the case. Let us see the real score of the event. Pardon me but I am toying with the idea that the shooting rampage is connected with this.  It is an event that would now tell us that the US is trying to discredit the Asians in the world. They are now trying to weed out Asians in the US. Americans are afraid that one day, they will wake up with the Asians governing them. So, why wait for that time when they could stop it now?


Once again, we have seen the beautiful daughter of an ex-president crying on national television twice these weeks. It is another sign that we are on for another round of oil price hike. Time and time again, I see the tears of this woman as a sign of God telling us of another oil price hike.


The dirty walls in the city and all over the province is a sign of how dirty is the politics in the country. One could notice that the faces of candidates are posted everywhere. The proper place for these useless trashes is the waste bin. Why have these people spent so much on useless paraphernalia in proclaiming their leadership skills to the people? I would like to play with the idea that people will be voting for a candidate even without all those trashes posted illegally on clean walls. One shall be known according to its fruits and not according to the name one places on the base of the trunk.


Our environment is dying and look at what these useless politicians are doing to the environment. They are killing our trees. These are killers. Look at their posters hanging on the trees. What a pity? They do not know the long-term effect of what they have done to the poor trees. The scar of their carelessness will be brought by the trees till the very end of their existence. I wish that these poor trees will avenge the cruelty being imposed upon them by our great and useless politicians. I urged everyone never to write the names of politicians whose posters are nailed on trees!


Another great sign being presented to us now is the release on bail of a renegade mutineer while putting behind custody another renegade mutineer.  The release of a senatorial candidate has posted a great question on my comical mind. It seems that it is telling us that there is something fishy going on between this creature and the small woman of palace.  My theatrical mind tells me that there is an illegal agreement between their camps. Why release a self-confessed coup plotter and not release a suspected mutineer?


The fate of the First Gentleman to the physician’s blade is a great indication that there is a sin that the FG has been doing. One theologian theorized that sickness or diseases are products of our sinfulness.  FG might have taken heavily what a senatorial candidate has thrown upon him.  It seems that he was so bothered by the allegations that it resulted to a sudden burst in the FG’s beautiful heart.

The most alarming sign these days is the killings and harassments. Everywhere we hear of deaths as election-related. We hear families quarrel because of political affiliation. We even heard of division within the Church because of secular politics.

Why are we succumbing to the temptations of these evils?  Why are we making ourselves victims?  Can we not read the clear signs?

Pope John Paul the Great and St. Ezekiel Moreno, pray for us.

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Congratulations to Christer Marie Taclobos of UNO-Recoletos for winning the Lina-ay sang Panaad tilt.



by: Mr.Carlos Legaspi Jr.

      May 1, 2007