New Approaches?

University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos is celebrating its 60th foundation year in Bacolod City this 2006. Coincidentally, it is also the culminating year of the 4th centennial celebration of Recollect presence in Asia and the Philippines.


Around us are the many deviators. They deviate our attention and focus. Take the case of new programs in national televisions that have diverted every Filipinos’ vision of a good and honest government. It has disturbed every individuals desire to have a good government. Instead of looking for solutions that could change our administration, the people are now busy preparing to watch a reality program.


In the provinces the administration has been successful in destroying the focus of the people. They have deviated the idea of oustering Gloria to a silent protest. The administration might have forgotten that in provinces people are more keen than people in imperial Manila. People in the provinces are more critical and analytical than those who have been honed by the materialism of the west. The schools in the provinces are responsible for waking up the nationalism in the community. These schools provide new and workable approaches to the insurmountable government-made crises.


People might have forgotten of a school that is truly Negrense. A school that has carved in each one’s heart the love for education and service. A school that has trained individuals to be honest and productive in their choice career. A small school that has produced selfless and catholic leaders. This little humble school in Talisay soon became a landmark in Negros Occidental – the University of Negros Occidental- Recoletos.

UNO-Recoletos helps its students walk on concrete floors. It does not promise its students greener pastures abroad but it hones in them the skill to be globally competitive while working here. It develops in each student the love for country and the critical mind for the administration of this beloved beautiful country.


Today, the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos is employing new trends in education to cope up with the contemporary challenges. UNO-R has revitalized its graduate programs. From an ultra-conservative orientation, Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School has opened its doors to innovations. The overhauling of the curriculum and the entrance of modular programs are just the initial steps towards attacking the modernities of time. Soon, international lecturers will grace the halls of the first university in the province of Negros. An on-line open university will also be launched soon. New ideas and adventures are being staged in the Graduate school. Thus, UNO-R will soon produce top caliber graduate students and not boxed graduate school turtles and monsters.


The UNO-R College of Business and Accountancy will soon open its doors to innovations and renovations. New and better approaches are being employed in the Accountancy department. International, national and local policies are being scrutinized in the management programs. Wider fields of business will soon open and will soon be offered only art the cradle of excellence. Untiring faculty and administration of the college is the key to the employment of such new approaches.


The 4-year old College of Nursing is making known its existence through the numerous faculty members that have exodused to this university. New and fresh ideas are being poured into the young minds of the  students. They are being trained not for the shining income but are being trained to become servants of the people. They are trained to care for people. Caring with a heart is greater than caring for money. UNO-R instills in the minds of its nurses the calling to help and care and not to profit from the miseries of others. The recollect nurse will always be on top of other nurses in the world. Soon, these nurses will make a difference and people will know them by their works and not by their words.


The University stands with pride as its products walk in the main lobby during their graduation., the portals of this institution of learning will open new opportunities and new challenges for the recollect product to use in order to help humanity and ease the sufferings of the community.

So, once again, let us all think of this little humble school that has transformed many lives and is continuing to develop community transformers of the future. UNO-R is the heart of every Negrense and let us join UNO-R in its bid to provide new approaches to the modern times.


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John Paul II, pray for us. St. Nicholas of Tolentino, pray for us.

(A rehash of the article published 01 September 2005 at “Questions that Matter of Sunstar, Bacolod)


by Carlos Legaspi,Jr.