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Schedule of Enrolment

October 18-21

Submission of Requirements and Interview of Transferees and Returning Students

October 23

Enrolment of READS and Scholars

October 26

Enrolment of 4th and 5th Years

Feast of St. Ezekiel: A Class Day

Feast of St. Ezekiel: A Class Day

    The School Board, in its meeting of August 12, 2008, has decided to consider the Feast of St. Ezekiel on August 19, 2008 as Class Day; hence, all administrators, [...]
Summer 2008 Enrolment Procedures and Schedules

Summer 2008 Enrolment Procedures and Schedules

ENROLMENT PROCEDURE Step 1:              ACCOUNTING OFFICE♦  Student pays the initial (Php1000.00)/ partial payment and the mandatory fees such as TS fee, SSG membership fee, and College Council fee. [...]
Schedule for Enrollment S.Y.2007-2008

Schedule for Enrollment S.Y.2007-2008

Elementary Department

March       15            – Start of Enrollment for NEW STUDENTS

                                     (Nursery to Grade VI)

May          21-25      – Start of Enrollment for OLD STUDENTS

                                      (Kinder to Grade VI)


High School Department
April          2             – Entrance Exam for Freshmen

                 13                   Releasing of Results and Enrolment

                 16                   Freshmen: Enrolment

May           7             Transferees Entrance Exam

                 14                    Release of Results

May         21-25      SEAR Program 


College (1st  Semester)

April         11          Start of Enrollment for FRESHMEN 

June         13          –Start of Classes