Schedule for Enrollment S.Y.2007-2008

Elementary Department

March       15            – Start of Enrollment for NEW STUDENTS

                                     (Nursery to Grade VI)

May          21-25      – Start of Enrollment for OLD STUDENTS

                                      (Kinder to Grade VI)


High School Department
April          2             – Entrance Exam for Freshmen

                 13                   Releasing of Results and Enrolment

                 16                   Freshmen: Enrolment

May           7             Transferees Entrance Exam

                 14                    Release of Results

May         21-25      SEAR Program 


College (1st  Semester)

April         11          Start of Enrollment for FRESHMEN 

June         13          –Start of Classes


College (Summer)
March      29          –Start of Enrollment
April        11           –End of Enrollment
                 10           –Start of Classes
May         25           –End of Classes 

Graduate School (Summer)

March      29           –Start of enrollment
April        15           –Start of Classes