Bachelor of Physical Education


The BPEd is a four-year program aimed at equipping you with the competencies to meet the psychomotor, cognitive and effective needs of learners. These consist of: (1) a strong and substantial foundation of the subject matter (disciplinary knowledge) that informs your curricular choices when planning, designing, implementing and assessing learning activities (curriculum and program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation); (2) an understanding of the scope and sequence of tactics of these various movements in a multitude of settings (movements competency and proficiency) that enables you to meet the needs of learners to know how, be able to do and how to learn; (3) expert knowledge of pedagogy of maximizing student engagement, mentoring students and modeling respects for differences in gender, ability and culture; (4) reflective practice that (a) propels you to set high standards for and hold themselves accountable to the professional standards professional accountability and responsibility); (b) enables you to identify gaps in their current competencies and pursue professional development opportunities; and (c) assists you in studying the impact of your teaching on student learning: and (5) building and cultivating relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, other professional and learning communities; advocating for PE, being role models of integrity and professional excellence, as well as leaders in the service of education.

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