The participants consist of Religious Admin, Recollect Fathers, Lay Admin, and faculty of the university .
Fr. William Villaflor, OAR is the team captain of the Blue Team with members Fr. Albert Pellazar, OAR , Fr. Abraham Latoza , OAR , Fr. Eduardo Celiz, Jr. OAR , Bro. Rey Tripulca, OAR , Mr. Rommel Adricula , Mr. George Avila and Mr.Dexter Dioso. The Gold Team with Fr .Louie Gabinete, OAR as the team captain and members: Fr. Constantino Real , OAR ; Fr. Ernie Larida , Mr.Alvin Mananquil, Mr.Philip Abello , Mr. Larry Mercado , Mr. Harry Magluyan and Mr. Dan Consunji. The championship game was held on September 8 – 9,2015 with the BLUE TEAM emerging as this year’s champion. This year’s MVP is Fr. Villaflor. ( Angel Javellana, BSMC 3 )

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