In a referendum held last October 5 -8, 2016, 58% of the expected voters or a total of 123 UNOFELA members participated in the choice of the next healthcare provider effective November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017. Two providers were subjected to a referendum and Sunlife Grepa got 69 votes or 56% while Medicard got 51 or 42%. Results showed that majority of the union members prefer SUNLIFE-GREPA to be the next Healthcare Provider in lieu of our current HMO – Maxicare. The result of the referendum takes 50% of the final decision as the other 50% will come from the administration. This is in respect to the current CBA where it was resolved that the administration and the employee has a 50-50 stake in the healthcare program of the university. (Mrs. Eden Galve,RGC, UNOFELA Vice President)