The College of Education is the champion in the 2016 Literary-Musical Competition. College of Engineering placed 2nd and College of Business and Accountancy in third place. The ranks of the other colleges are CAS (4th); CIT (5th); CNAHS (6th); and CCJE (7th).

In the College Sportsfest 2016-17, The College of Engineering let all the colleges vow to its supremacy in sports as they emerged as this year’s champion. They are followed by the College of Criminal Justice Education as 1st runner-up and the College of Business and accountancy as second runner-up. Coming in as 3rd runner-up is CNAHS; 4th runner-up is CAS; 5th runner-up is COEd.

Most valuable players were: Vicente Deloso III(Eng’g) and Neslie Torres (CCJE) – athletics; John Allan Pido (CCJE) and Janeth Toreno (CCJE) – Basketball; Edwin Perez, Jr. (Eng’g) and Alyssa Lazalita (Eng’g) – Chess; Joshua Segunla and Nikki Lauren Jacinto (Eng’g) – Football; Marben Tanata(Eng’g) and Joylene Faith Seron (Eng’g) – Table Tennis; and Philip Tolimao (Eng’g) and Arvelyn Sevilla (CBA) – volleyball. (data from sports office and U-week 2016 litmus committee)

Meanwhile, Grade 10 emerged as champion in the Junior High School Literary-Musical competitions, Sept. 8. In the Semior High School, HUMSS –TVL emerged as champion.