The Office of the Undersecretary Laura Q. del Rosario of the Department of Foreign Affairs -International Economic Relations conducted a roadshow seminar about the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) at the University of Negros Occidental –Recoletos President’s Hall, August 5. The activity was sponsored by the College of Business and Accountancy; the College of Arts and Sciences, office of the Vice President for Student Welfare and Student Affairs. Undersecretary del Rosario talked to more than two hundred tertiary students of the university. She discussed the importance of the membership of the Philippines to the APEC. She also gave the advantages of being in the APEC. She also shared with the group her experiences in terms of economics. Fr. Louie Gabinete, OAR, closed the activity with his sharing that no matter how or where we are what is important is that we believe that there is abundance of goods and goodness; there is equal opportunity for all peoples; and equal industry. These are the things that would matter at the end of the day, he added.