Three college and six senior high school students joined the 12th Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP) National Leadership Conference (NLC) last October 25- 29 at the Diocese of Gumaca, Lopez, Quezon Province. The said event was themed “Offline is Online: Transforming today’s Youth through Faith Communities” which they have used experiential approaches in most of the dynamics in the sessions. Also, it has offered deep reflection- analysis of the nature of the youth today. The student leaders identified themselves how they can be agents of change in their communities in the midst of fast evolving digital culture. The goal of the conference is to train SCA leaders to reflect and to influence others in an ethical and responsible digital culture through the “cell system” or power of small communities. It aims to appraise how they live in today’s rapid digital culture and its accompanying challenges and effects, reflect and to live out the Social Teaching of the Church in the face of the digital generation, strengthen and acquire needed leadership tools and create a digital culture agenda. The National Secretariat had chosen the Diocese of the Gumaca as the hosting venue since SCA Lopez is one of the most active units in terms of implementing socio- civic activities, collaborating with the parishes, local government units and on- government organizations. Moreover, in the proper conference of NLC, the Diocese of Bacolod had been elected as the hosting venue of the 13th SCAP National Leadership Conference on 2020. (Elmeer Meeynard Calimpos, BSMC4)