UCDO Director joins Philippine Youth Leader Delegation


Seven days of learning and legacy as the University Community Development Office (UCDO) Director, Dr. Richelle H. Verdeprado attended the Philippine Youth Leader Delegation at China last September 5- 12, 2017. More than 50 delegates from the Philippines have been selected in the said convention and Dr. Verdeprado was one who’s qualified to represent UNO-R. The sponsor of this event was the All- China Youth Federation (ACYF) which is a national council of youth organizations in China and represents young people from all entire groups and all walks of life. It was organized by the China Youth Center for International Exchange, a functional organization targeted towards the promotion of youth communication for Central Committee for the Communist Youth League and All- China Federation. The PYDL is an eight- day activity which aims to promote international exchanges with an objectives of promoting youth exchanges, providing service platform and developing linking functions. In the first day, the major members visited All- China Youth Federation while the other members visited the National Museum of China and appreciates the road of Rejuvenation. In the second day, the team went to Tencent, Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City for the presentation and forum. (by Elmeer Meenard Calimpos, BSMC 4)