MBCCI CEO conducts a Forum at UNO-Recoletos

The Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) Chief Executive Officer Mr. Frank A. Carbon conducted a forum to the STI-WNU participants and UNO-R CB&A students under the advisory of Ms. Joanne Saquian, MMBM for the courses in Marketing Management and Logistics Management. It was held at Fr. Cuenca Hall, UNO-R by 10 am. The forum focused on Aligning Industry Requirements with Academe Practice and the objective of this is to acknowledge the students and participants to become a better Entrepreneur with the guidelines provided. The program opened with a prayer and the national anthem, then the acknowledgment of participants. The welcome address was given by Dr. Carlos Eduardo I. Legaspi, Jr., Director for External Affairs. Ms. Joanne Saquian, MMBM a faculty in-charge in Marketing Management introduced the guest speaker, and the presentation was conducted. Lastly, several questions have been asked by the participants to the guest speaker. (news and photo by Joeny Jurilla, BSBA-MM lll)