The university, together with Recoletos de Talisay, hosted the meeting of the committee on the implementation of Decision #38 of the Life and Mission Project of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno (cf. LAMP OAR, D.13). LAMP 38 states that the Province should publicize the social commitments of the Order, establish volunteer groups, encourage solidarity initiatives and increase ecological awareness. The meeting, represented by the 8 OAR schools,was held at the UNO-R VP-Academics Conference Room, August 13, 2019, 8 am. Present were Fray Vicente Ramon, OAR; Fray Rouel Sia, OAR (USJ-R Main); Fray Nonie Morillo, OAR; Ms. Maribel Gonzales, RSW and Ms. Ma. Joy de la Cruz (UNO-R), Ana Mae Gajete, Jehda Hilampong, Francis Stephen Javier and Eurylyn Nebria Celestial (CSNT-R, Talisay); Ms. Ma. Nita Bolo (CST-R, San Carlos); Mrs. Mary Grace Depalubos and Mr. Salvador Quitos (SSC-R, Manila); Mr. Renante Parallon(SPA, Valencia); June Siano (SPA-R, Caidiocan); and Ms. Maryleh Concepcion (USJ-R, Balamban). (data from Ms. Maribel Gonzales and UCDO)