Grow a Heritage Tree!

Dear fellow UNO-Rians:

On May 23, 2012, we shall plant the seeds of our legacy as a UNO-Rian and as Filipino with the UNO-R@50Grow-A-Heritage TreeTree Planting Day. Henceforth, the first ever live Museum of Philippine Heritage Trees shall embed its roots inside our UNO-R campus.

As Cradle of Excellence, it is Not-Just-Any-Tree, but FIFTY PREMIUM, RARE and CRITICALLY-ENDANGERED TREE SPECIES of seedlings shall be planted and grown into Mother Trees in order to rescue and restore our Philippine heritage trees and biodiversity, and with their higher Carbon dioxide absorption efficiency, contribute significantly in reducing our vulnerabilities to the threats of Climate Change.

But these special trees are slow growing and require at least five years of care and nurturing. They need our patience and commitment to ensure that they grow to their maturity and be able to produce seeds for propagation. They need Bantay Kahoy volunteers, whose role is most crucial to steward these finest vanishing trees to survival.

If you are interested, please visit UCDO Office. When you signup as Bantay Kahoy, you shall be joining the select few whose names shall be remembered permanently as each tree would have an individual signage containing its unique story, information and your name together with those who shall plant it.

EDC (Energy Development Corporation), our partner in this endeavor, shall databank with DENR and monitor each tree by way of GPS which could be viewed by anybody through the Google satellite map.

Last but not least, please note that this special invitation is First Come, First Served.

Very truly yours,

Mely Flores

UCDO Supervisor



University President