Governors Elect Chair League

The UNO-Recoletos League of Governors had their Election for Chairman, Co-chairman, and Secretary, 24th May 2014, Saturday, at the Department of Student Affairs office (DSA). Ms. Bethel Joy I. Gaitan from the College of Criminal Justice Education was elected Chairman, Co Chairman: Ms. Christine Joy S. Dorias (CIT)- co-chairman, Ms. Lea P. Mangubat (CBA)- Secretary. The Following are members of the League: Mr. Jerson M. Corugda (CAS); Mr. Ryan Ron D. Villaruel (COEng), Mr. Arvin T. Tan (CNMP) and Audolfo T. Yasay (COEd). Prior to the election of the LOG Executive officers, the DSA met with all the College Governors and gave a shot orientation on their functions and functions of the League. The DSA also informed the group that their Vice Governors together with the Vice President of the UNORSSGO will have committee assignments from the VP-SW and the DSA. (Plinky Garcia)