The Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students (READS) recently concluded the 2011 Sportsfest with the search for Mr. and Ms. Senior Icon and Mr. and Ms. Neophyte last November 19 at the UNO-R Auditorium.

This year’s Sportsfest champion is Group 3 with Violie May Swela Alo as chairperson; 1st runner-up is Group 5 with Jessica May Ayre as chair and Group 6 with Efrelyn Taocta as chairperson.

MVP for Basketball boys is Cristobal Martinez and for girls – Violie May Swela Alo; Volleyball boys is John Marvin Cañones and for girls is Angelie Españo; and for Bowling is Allan Abapo.

Crowned as Mr. Seniors Icon 2011 was Jesfer Jose Tanalgo who was also awarded as Mr. Face Icon, M. Student’s Icon, Mr. Facebook Icon, Mr. Fashion, Mr. Kapuso and Mr. Executive and Ms. Seniors Icon 2011 was Arianne Joy Oponda who was also the Ms. Student’s Icon. Special awards were given to: Rhon Dave Suarez – Mr. Friendship and Executive Icon; Gladys Dolendo – Ms. Friendship and Facebook Icons; Andrea Bayot – Ms. Face and Fashion Icons; Ma. Joyce dela Torre – Ms. Kapuso and Executive Icon; and Mona Bucog – Ms. Interview Icon.

Crowned as Mr. READS Neophytes 2011 was Mark Ortibao who was awarded as Mr. Photogenic, Mr. Talent, Mr. Sports Wear and Mr. Kapuso and Ms. READS Neophytes 2011 was Irish Retita. First runners-up were Christian Leonor, awarded as Mr. Facebook’s Choice, and Rozl Joyce Lima who was awarded as Ms. Students’ Choice and Ms. Talent while Eugene Mallorca who was awarded as Mr. Congeniality and Romelyn Alfonso, awarded as Ms. Photogenic, Ms. Facebook’s Choice, Ms. Cosplay, Ms. Sports Wear and Ms. Formal Wear were the 2nd runners-up. Special awards were given to: Jamaica Marinel Villarta – Ms. Congeniality; Kent Cedrick Duran – Mr. Students’ Choice; Lucky Retiro – Mr. Cosplay and Marion Mahilum – Mr. Formal Wear. Mr. and Ms. READS Neophytes 2010 Wenie Rodriguez and Ma. Karren Katherine Perartilla had their final walk and speeches before giving the crown to this year’s winners.

In photo: Aiken Sanico (Chairman, Cultural Committee), Jesfer Jose Tanalgo (Mr. Seniors Icon 2011), Arianne Joy Oponda (Ms. Seniors Icon 2011), Rev. Fr. Emeterio Buñao, OAR (Director of Scholarships).