UNO-R Writers Win Awards in Writing Contests

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The UNO-R High School Department emerged Second (Over-All) in this year’s Division Schools Press Conference held November 3-4.

UNO-R ranked close to this year’s Champion St. Joseph’s School – La Salle and ahead USLS that ranked third.

DSPC '08 Delegates of UNO-R

Among the 800 contestants of the conference were selected students from the department who competed in the different events to earn the top ten slots in the Regional bid.

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Kristel Kaye Dequillo, DSPC Champion in  Photojournalism

Kristel Kaye Dequillo and Ashraf Khater garnered First Place for their participation in Photo Journalism – Filipino and Sports Writing (English), respectively.  Shayne Exito got Second Place in Feature Writing (English), and Dianne Valerie Chin was also Second in the Filipino Category of the same event.  Jenno Pellejo and Olive Joy Young, both Filipino writers, won Fifth Place in Sports Writing and News Writing respectively.  Clayton Adam Tenorio was awarded Sixth Place in Cartooning in Filipino while fellow cartoonist Norman Baldomar came in Tenth Place in the English category.  Khristine Marie Gucio ranked Seventh in Copyreading and Headlining (Filipino) while Ma. Josefina Tecson placed Ninth in Editorial Writing in English.

The DSPC winners competed in the Regional Level of the competition at Punta Villa in Iloilo City last November 8-9 accompanied by Ma. Alon Song, coach and publication adviser.  In the Regionals, Mitchell Reuben Foster, trained to compete in the first ever Radio Broadcasting Contest and Essay Writing Contest, placed Third in both events, while Pellejo ranked Fourth in Sports Writing (Filipino) and Gucio Runner Up in Copy Reading and Headlining.