The College of Engineering was awarded as the champion in the first  Rekoleto Master Chef sponsored by  the UNORSSGO at the University lobby, afternoon of September 12, 2013. Three participants from every college battled it out to be called the first Rekoleto Master Chef.  The College of Education and the College of Criminal Justice Education won 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively.  Minor awards were also given:  The College of Engineering was adjudged Best in Vegetable Dish;  the College of Education as Best Shrimp Dish; and the College of Criminal Justice Education as Best Beef dish. In the competition, the contestants were given 45 minutes to buy ingredients outside the university, then another 5 minutes to cool down before the competition proper began. They were given 1 hour and a half to cook. According to Gregorio Lopez,  Jr., SSG officer and Speaker of the house, the competition was held to present a different face of cooking expertise, talent and skills.

(Bea Singuay)