COED Culminates EDSTOP Class with Summer Activities

The UNO-R College of Education culminates it’s Special Topics 130 Summer Class with a flourish of environment-themed activities.

There were different topics discussed and a lot of activity output has to be accomplished. One of the topics was on Environmental Education with the Theme: “Save Mother Earth…Lets Go Green”. A day before the Cleanup Day activity, (May 19, 2015) EDSTOP130 students roam around the campus for a signature campaign in order to inform and disseminate the date for the said activity. It was a great experience of the EDSTOP 130 students to be with the different students in other colleges in joining the Cleanup activity. Service Learning is another topic that inspires the EDSTOP130 student to share their learning experience outside UNO-R. They had their Seminar on Cathecism last May 8, 2015. Every day after their seminar was an all out energy for them to meet children to pray and play. This activity will prepare children for their First Communion on May 28, 2015, 8:00 am at the St. Nicholas of Tolentino Oratory.

As a future educator, a great and inspiring learning experience has to happen to every education student in order to sustain its goal to be SIMPLE. (Dr. Elena Doruelo)