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A Bi-Annual Multidisciplinary Research Journal of the College of Education
University of Negros Occidental- Recoletos, Bacolod City, Philippines
Volume 2 Number 1
January 2008



Christine Villalobos-Go

Ma. Theresa L. Lagradilla, Ed. D., Ph.D.
Associate Editor


Sol P. Abellar Ma. Elena Y. Doruelo

Antonio L. Kho, Jr., Ph.D. Ma. Punay V. Sanz


Mary Jane C. Uy, Ph.D.

Motivator is a multidisciplinary research journal of the College of Education, University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, Bacolod City, Philippines published bi-annually. Motivator includes researches and articles written by the faculty, students and alumni of the College of Education, and the university. All researches and articles herein have been reviewed prior to publication.

The Cover… Sunset of our LivesBetween the hollows of nowhere deep seated crafts lies, waiting to be caught by those who believe and see the beauty of the illuminating colors of sun as it sets before the evening falls. As we mature gracefully our prowess to touch lives is likened to the beauty of the sun as it sets… piercing through the being… And not to be deemed diminishing but should mirror the freshness of the youth still waiting to be unfolded for revelations awaits as we journey through life…(cvgo)



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  2. Demoralization of Teachers through Discrimination