The College of Criminal Justice Education conducted an Echo Seminar on the “Implementation of the 2022 Table of Specification (TOS) for the Criminologist Licensure Examination (CLE) last June 2, 2023. This echo seminar aims to impart to the faculty everything that transpired during the seminar-workshop last February 23-24, 2023, at Cebu Business Hotel, Cebu City. Part of the seminar was the discussion with the faculty on specific topics that should either be included or deleted from the Course content delivered to the students in preparation for the board examination. Dean Parreño also discussed constructing test questions in question and statement form. What must be included in determining competencies, topics/contents of the TOS? Emphasizes that the questions should focus on “What to Know,” Must Know,” and Useful to Know.” This is one of the strategies of the Professional Regulatory Board for Criminology and the Philippine Criminologists Association of the Philippines (PCAP) to increase the passing percentage of the CLE. JL Parreño


The College of Criminal Justice Education Faculty and Staff conducted its Strategic Planning last June 1, 2023. Dean Parreño spearheaded the activity by presenting the proposed plans and activities for AY 2023-2024 for comments and suggestions from the body. Part of the planning is creating a calendar of college activities for the academic year. Last June 18, 2023, to strengthen the bond, camaraderie, and harmonious relationship among the faculty, staff, and Justice Education Student Council (JESC), there was a Team Building at Campo Quino, Sipalay City. Different games were played for fun, and the faculty, staff, and JESC members were divided into two groups. The winner will receive a prize from the dean in the form of candies for sharing. Dean Parreño made it a point that JESC will participate in this activity because they are part of the family and their importance is being acknowledged; at the same time, they are the source of the workforce in all college and university activities. JLParreño