CCJE Holds Annual Freshmen Orientation

The College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) held its annual Freshmen Orientation Program, June 11 at the University Little Theater and was attended by the full-time and part-time faculty members of the college. The program, which started at 4 pm was spearheaded by the CCJE Student Council Officers together with their adviser, Dr. Jean B. Pauyon. Dean Jasmin Parreño gave her welcome speech and introduced the faculty members. Dr. Pauyon also introduced the members of the Justice Education student council and reminded the freshmen to be familiar with those who sign their block master list form. Dean Parreño informed the freshmen about the policies of the college including the official uniform of the college. Ms. Chris Tajonera, Guidance Counselor assigned to CCJE, presented the services of the Student Development and Placement Center (SDPC). The Governor, Ms. Bethel Gaitan gave her closing remarks and thanked the students for their support. (CCJE PR)