CCJE Class Siklab 2014-2015

Once again the physical, mental, emotional and psychological prowess of the incoming 4th year criminology students were put to test as the College of Criminal Justice Education again held its annual “Criminology Internship Officers Candidate Course” last May 14 – 19, 2014 at the Agriculture Building. The training, which formally started at 03:00 pm at the University Football Field, was spearheaded by last year’s roster of officers and the Chief Training Officer, (Ret.) PI Homer G. Vargas and the Dean of the College, Dr. Jasmin L. Parreño. The first part of the training is the traditional reception rites which includes physical exercises and a 10-round jog around the university field. The trainees were then subjected to physical exercises by the assistant instructors after they were divided by group. The itinerary for the whole training period includes; Reveille – exercises and jogging at the football field every day at 04:00 am, practice on drills and ceremonies and classroom lectures. A total of 18 incoming 4th year Criminology students participated and on the last day of the training, a mock panel interview was conducted by the Assistant Instructors and the Dean to put everything that they have learned to the test. The formal graduation rites for the 18 trainees will be done during the 1st General Assembly in June. (CCJE PR)