Missionarios, Parrochos, and Maestros are the movement of the members of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. Fr. Buňao told the congregation that the Recollects started as Missionaries (missionarios) and they built Parishes and many of them became Parrochos but when the parishes were handed to the local clergy, the Recollects in the Philippines shifted their apostolates to education and thus, many of them served and built schools. They became maestros. The Bible and the Cross, The recollect Habit and the Breviary are “Tatak Rekoleto”. These were the concrete symbols of the life of a rekoleto. The Bible and the cross symbolize his role as evangelizer. He becomes a living witness of Christ. His preachings should be based on the word of God as found in the scriptures. The religious Habit is the identity of the OAR as compared to his other brother religious. The Breviary symbolizes the life of a rekoleto founded on prayer. A rekoleto believes that prayer is his spiritual battery that would make him survive in this world.