HTM Students off to Singapore

Hospitality and Tourism were able to hold it first Asian visit to Singapore last March 7-11, 2014. This is in response to our students request to conduct the first out of the country travel experience as Hospitality and Tourism students. The activity creates a positive learning-experience to our students as it inspired them to go for a bigger opportunity after finishing their degree in college. Participants are excited to go around the city; they were able to experience things that are only discussed in the four walls of our classroom. They were able to experience different cultures, food, state-of-the-art transportation facilities, strict traffic rules, buildings and hotel that you can only imagine. Aside from that, they also experienced how things are done at the immigration and some security measures for a safe travel. We also visited SHATEC, the best training school for Hospitality and Tourism in Singapore and we are looking forward that someday we could partner them for a better learning advantage to our students. These are the few things that we learned and discoverd during the said activity, we understand the risk of working on it, but everything is at its worth for the betterment of our HTM students. (Ms. Rose jean Contrevida)