Dr. Juanita C. Magan: the New Dean of CAS Has a 5-Point Priority Plan

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Dr. Juanita C. Magan, the new dean of the College of Arts and Science (CAS), other than her Master of Arts degree in Social Sciences, has a Master of Arts degree in Education, major in Educational Management and Supervision.  She has also a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Management.  And, another is still coming – the Doctor of Public Administration degree.

Dr. Magan joined UNO-R only in June, this year.  In a while, she said she has come to enjoy her stay because the challenging and difficult times that she is facing everyday as the new CAS dean have given her the opportunity to witness the Augustinian Recollect Charism as a way of living her Christian faith.

After some time of hearing, smelling and seeing it, then touching it, and finally tasting it, she has now come to get a good grasp of what she would like to happen as CAS dean.

Hence, she has listed five for her priorities.  First in her roll is to bring the teaching staff and students closer to the administration. Second is to revisit or review the different curriculum of the college, work for its alignment, and maintain its integrity with the faithful implementation. Third is to campaign for the increase of enrolment in the college.  Fourth is to maintain the Level III PAASCU Accreditation and keep the college’s Autonomous status. And fifth is to increase alumni involvement in all the activities of the university.

Before joining UNO-R, Dr. Magan was, for 13 years, the department head of the Liberal Arts and Education Department of La Carlota City College (LCCC), where she, for 33 years, was a professor of Political Science.  In there, she was also a professor of its Graduate School, teaching Currents Issues, Philosophy of Education, and Research.

She had been also a Research and Philosophy professor and consultant of Bacolod City College, and professor and trainer of Project Free Graduate School Program of University of St. La Salle.

Dr. Magan is both a licensed teacher and career service professional. She graduated in LCCC with honors for her Bachelor of Arts degree, major in Political Science and as recipient of the Sterling Star Award, both in Department and Professors categories.

As scholar of CHED Massive Upgrading Program, she earned her master’s degree in Social Science in UNO-R, and later, also her doctoral degree in Education Management and Supervision. On the other hand, her master’s degree in Educational Management was conferred by West Negros University, the same with her soon-to-be doctoral degree in Public Administration.

Besides her being secretary of the Association of Philippine Colleges of Arts and Sciences, she is also a member of the Association of Social Science Teachers and Researchers, Association of Accredited Colleges and Universities of the Philippines, and Philippine Historical Society.

But more than her achievements in her career and professional life, Dr. Magan considers her being a loving housewife to  Deogracias, the secretary of the Board of Directors of La Carlota Water District, and a mother to Arvin, Alvin and Jigs as her greatest achievement.

By: Fernando Flores