Batch ’58 returns with a haven of grace

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Through the joint efforts of UNO High School Class of 1958 and the UNO-Recoletos Administration, a Faculty Lounge opened for the teachers of the UNO-Recoletos High School Department.

Spearheaded by Class President Mrs. Teresita P. Limgenco, the High School Faculty Lounge named after the class’ principal Arturo C. Salillas opened on March 21st, 2009, 10 am.

“It was a project of love because I have a soft heart for teachers,” said Mrs. Limgenco on the lounge, “I told my batch that ‘I need one Hail Mary from each of you’,” she continued, showing her devotion to the project.

Accompanied with her were Treasurer Ms. Jasmin R. Sarabia, Board of Directors Representative Ms. Fulgia R. Hofileria, and Secretary Mr. Jorge P. de Los Reyes who shared the same sentiments about the lounge.

“It feels great; it feels great to be back to reminisce our high school life,” said Ms. Sarabia.

The lounge donned a plaque of Batch ’58 as well as a dining table and kitchen package. It had the allure of grandeur as it would encase the memories to come. Complete with a sofa, PC, and air-conditioning, the haven for teachers promised to give the best the teachers can give.