January 17, 2024- A two-story building will soon rise to house the College of Allied Medical Health Sciences. Dr. Olivia V. Yanson and family sponsored the construction; thus, it shall be named Dr. Olivia V. Yanson Allied Medical Health Sciences Building. The groundbreaking Ceremony was held last January 16, 2024, at 9:30 am at the construction site, the former pre-elementary and grandstand area. The Ceremony was attended by the Prior Provincial and his council, the Local Priors of OAR communities, the UNO-R, Inc. Board of Trustees, members of the School Board, Lay Administrators, and the family and friends of Dr. Yanson.

The Ceremony opened with the invocation led by Fr. Leo Alaras, OAR. Fr. President, Rev. Fr. Joel A. Alve, OAR, gave the Welcome Remarks. Messages were then delivered by Rev. Fr. Bernard Amparado, OAR, Prior Provincial of OAR Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno, and Dr. Carissa D. Alvarez, granddaughter of Dr. Yanson. The groundbreaking Ceremony and laying of the time capsule were led by Fr. Amparado, Fr. Alve, Dr. Yanson, and family. The blessing of the grounds was led by Fr. Corvin Maturan, OAR, CMO Director. The program closed with a message from Recoletos Educational Apostolate of the Philippines President Fr. Rafael Pecson, OAR.

Fr. Amparado, in his message, narrated a short history of the University and emphasized that through the years, UNO-R has produced productive citizens by offering the young people Quality Catholic Christian education. UNO-R is known for its Engineering and Medical Technology programs. He dreams that UNO-R may soon open a School of medicine to serve the community better. Unfortunately, he noted that UNO-R has no sufficient resources to develop further, so we thank Dr. Yanson and family for their generosity that in his academic year 2023-2024, a new building shall rise for the Allied Medical Sciences programs. This is a testimony of Dr. Yanson’s care for the well-being l-being of the people of Negros where this structure will train individuals who will care for and attend to the sick. This is a lifetime legacy that will always be treasured. Fr. Provincial closed his message by saying that no amount of “thank you’s” will be sufficient, so the members of the order of Augustinian Recollects pledge to keep her in their prayers for spiritual benefits.

Meanwhile, Fr. Pecson, in his closing remarks, thanked everyone, especially Dr. OVY and his family, for another milestone at UNO-R and the whole Province of Dt. Ezekiel Moreno. He also reminded everyone that this building will be used to serve God and the people of Negros. He also said that it is part of God’s plan and in His time, not our time. He thanked OVY and the family for the trust and confidence they have given UNO-R. He added that their generosity, love, and support are etched beyond this edifice. (news and photos contributed by Avelino Kalalang III, RJ Lizares, and Angelo Yasa)


Matriarch Dr. Olivia V. Yanson (OVY) donated a school building to the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos Bacolod to be named the Allied Medical Health Services Building located at the former UNO-R Pre-Elementary Building. She led the groundbreaking rites held on January 17, along with her family– Leo Rey Yanson, President and CEO of Vallacar Transit Incorporated, couple Ginette and Charles Dumancas, and couple Dr. Carissa Dumancas-Alvarez and Daniel Alvarez, grandchildren. The laying of the time capsule was led by Leo Rey with University President Rev. Fr. Joel Alve and Rev. Fr. Bernard Amparado, Chairman of the UNO-R Inc. Board of Trustees.

Rev. Fr. Alve said, “Caritas et Scientia (love and knowledge) together stand as the guiding philosophy of our esteemed University. Today marks a momentous occasion to celebrate the groundbreaking rites a testament to our commitment to nurturing the hearts and minds of the young minds entrusted to our care. As a Recollect institution, we take pride in our ability to impart knowledge and wisdom to our students. However, the realization of our mission requires more than academic expertise, it demands the collaboration with and generosity of individuals who share our vision. Today, we extend our deepest gratitude to The Yanson Family, particularly Dr. Olivia V. Yanson and children Leo Rey Yanson and Ginette Yanson Dumancas, for their unwavering support in helping UNO-R achieve its goal of providing the ideal environment for the integral development of our students.” He added, “In recognizing the Yanson family’s contributions, we acknowledge that no amount of knowledge we provide can flourish without the structures that support it. Dr. Olivia V. Yanson Allied Medical Health Sciences building/ stands as a testament to the vision and generosity that propel us forward. To you our dear Dr. OVY and children, your support is not just a financial investment/ but a commitment to shaping the future/ by molding the hearts and minds of the next generation. We offer our heartfelt thanks for your invaluable support. Your generosity enables us to dream bigger, reaching heights we could not have imagined on our own. Our hearts leap with joy in thanksgiving to the Lord for the benevolence you have shown. We also extend our appreciation to Dr. Hernan Omecillo for his pivotal role in paving the way for the realization of this dream. This will forever be etched in the history of our University.” This symbolizes collective efforts, shared dreams, and the transformative power of education. Together, we will shape a future where the young minds we nurture today will become the leaders of tomorrow, he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Carissa Dumancas Alvarez, on behalf of her grandmother OVY and uncle Leo Rey and parents Ginette and Charles Dumancas, conveyed this project is close to her Wawa Love’s (grandmother’s) heart and passion. In the spirit of unity and progress, I stand before you on behalf of my family and Wawa Love; her legacy inspires us to build structures and lasting bonds within our community. Let this groundbreaking Ceremony symbolize the growth she envisions, and may this endeavor be a testament to her enduring influence. Fr. Amparado said, “When we are grateful, we, in the recollects, do not just thank the donor but with it, is imbued also our pledge to keep her in our prayers and share some special benefits with her. Dr. Olivia V. Yanson, on behalf of all the Recollects here and abroad, we say to you wholeheartedly, thank you very much.” (Carla Canet, Sunstar, January 18, 2024)