Embracing Depth and Excellence: The Augustinian Value of Interiority

The University Week 2023 opens on November 13, 2023, in honor of the Blessed Mother on her Title as Nuestra Seῆora de la Salud. This year’s theme is “Embracing Depth and Excellence” with focus on the Augustinian Virtue of “Interiority”. The celebration will be from November 13 -18, 2023.

Embracing Depth and Excellence: The Augustinian Value of Interiority

This year’s theme focuses on the value of interiority, where one is expected to look deeper into one’s self. Embracing the depth of the self is looking deeper into our hearts (caritas) while embracing excellence is on the realm of the mind (scientia).

Our Father St. Augustine understood that excellence is not a destination but a journey.   “Let each day be a work in progress for perfection and excellence.” These words remind us that each day is an opportunity to strive for perfection and excellence, to refine our character, and to make progress on our quest for self-improvement.

In our modern world, it is easy to become complacent, to rest on our laurels, and be contented with our achievements. St. Augustine’s wisdom challenges us to resist this complacency. He urges us to remember that true excellence is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing commitment. It is not enough to achieve greatness once; we must continue to pursue it relentlessly.

Excellence is not an external badge of honor but a quality that becomes an integral part of who we are. It must run in our blood. This idea implies that excellence is not just a set of actions or accomplishments but a fundamental aspect of our character and identity. To embrace excellence, we must cultivate it within ourselves.

We delve into the depths of our being, then it is where we can understand the real essence of excellence. Interiority calls us to look within ourselves, to engage in self-reflection, and to explore the motivations and intentions behind our actions. Through this our achievements will motivate us to go on and seek perfection.

In the pursuit of excellence, we must prioritize depth, which is intimately connected to interiority. It is in the depth of our thoughts, emotions, and convictions that we find the fertile ground for growth and transformation. Depth invites us to dig deep, to question, and to seek meaning in all that we do. It is through this profound self-examination that we can transcend mediocrity and reach for the heights of excellence.

The summit of any achievement is not an end but a new beginning. This perspective challenges our conventional notions of success, encouraging us to see that every pinnacle is a stepping stone to greater heights. The more profound our interior exploration, the clearer it becomes that we are only in shallow waters on our journey to excellence.

In the world of education, value of interiority is relevant. We should encourage students to go beyond the superficial and to engage in deep, meaningful learning. Excellence in academics is not about rote memorization but about understanding the underlying principles, making connections, and applying knowledge in innovative ways.

Moreover, in our personal and professional lives, interiority invites us to examine our motives, values, and ethics. It challenges us to act with integrity and authenticity. When excellence becomes an intrinsic part of our being, it radiates in all our interactions, leading to better relationships, greater accomplishments, and a sense of purpose.

the Augustinian value of interiority calls us to embrace depth and excellence. Augustine’s timeless wisdom teaches us that each day is an opportunity for progress, that excellence is not a destination but an ongoing journey, and that it must become an integral part of our identity. To achieve this, we must delve into the depths of our being, understanding that the summit of our achievements is merely a new beginning. In the pursuit of excellence, let us heed Augustine’s call to journey inward and outward simultaneously, and in doing so, we shall find the path to true depth and excellence.