The UNO-R In-service Training 2022 opened last July 12, 2022, at the University Gym.  INSET 2022 will run from July 12 – July 29.  Fray Jose Alden Alipin, OAR opened the event with a Eucharistic Celebration at 8 am.  In his homily, he stressed that there is a need to improve on punctuality.  He also reminded everyone that we should not view the success of any activity on achieving what has been planned but rather we have to view success on the fruits of the activities, on what has become of us after the activity.  He also said that expectations feed our frustrations. One gets frustrated because of the non-realization of one’s expectations. Another point of the sharing was on the practice of indifference in community life. He told the community that hate is not the opposite of Love but rather it is indifference for this is cold-heartedness and we view the non-existence of other persons. He closed the sharing by reminding everyone not to become selfish as to asking what one could get but rather ask ourselves what we could give. He related this to the gospel of the day that we need to focus on the results and not on the obstacles as Jesus did.

After the Mass, Fr. Alipin gave the Welcome Address.  His challenge was for everyone to take challenges as opportunities.  He reminded everyone that INSET must enable growth and development in one’s profession to improve one’s performance to meet the changing demands of society.  Meanwhile, Fr. President Don H, Besana, OAR gave an inspirational message.  He opened his message by thanking God for allowing him to work and serve the UNO-R community.  He, then, thanked everyone for walking together on this journey and announced to the community his new assignment after July 20. 2022.   His message focused on three points: first, each one’s role in evangelization; second, giving of inputs to students must be information-formation-transformation; and lastly, the need for prayer.  He told everyone that God is constant, he does not change.  God is always faithful to us.

                Ms. Rowela Javier then read the INSET schedules and Rules.  This was followed by the community Zumba led by Anthony.  Fr. Blaise Jose Ma. Garcia, MMHC gave an animated talk on “the Eucharist as source and summit of the Christian life.

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