True to the mission of Recoletos Educational Apostolate in the Philippines (REAP) and Life and Mission Project (LAMP) #38, UNO-R responded to the call of the School Principals/Directors Fray Jezzriel Marcha, OAR, and Fray  Roweno Eugenio Hamo, OAR from the two Recoletos schools in Valencia, Negros Oriental.   Headed by the University President Rev. Fr. Don H. Besana, OAR, a total of 892 volumes of books, textbooks from the Integrated School Department, 30 desktop computers, 100 classroom chairs, assorted science laboratory apparatus, and sports balls were brought to San Pedro Academy and San Pedro Academy-Recoletos on May 17, 2022.  Fray Jezzriel Marcha, OAR, and Fray Virgilio S. Calalang, OAR (on behalf of Fray Roweno Eugenio Hamo, OAR ) were happy and grateful for the library materials and equipment received during the turn-over ceremony program.   Also, a library consortium was formally established between the UNO-R library and the two school libraries with the Memorandum of Agreement. The resource-sharing consortium allows the academic community of SPA and SPA-R to use the printed and e-sources of the UNO-R library to assist in their instruction, research, and other academic-related activities.   Joining  Fr. Besana, OAR, were Ms. Mabel Gonzales (UCDO Director), Ms. Sheila M. Dela Cruz (Director of Libraries), Mr. Mariano Antenor (ICTD Head), Mr. Ernil Orbecido (Property Custodian), Librarians Ms. Justine Joy Genton and Ms. Irene Carreon, and ICTD Staff Mr. Piornato Magbanua and Mr. Nimrod Ferrer.

SPA-R’s Fray Calalang received the book donations from Fray Besana and computers from ICTD Head Mariano Antenor

During a short program at SPA-R, Welcome remarks were given by the SPA-R Assistant School Principal Ms. Mayflor M. Asierto while the rationale of donations was presented by Ms. Mabel Gonzales, UNO-R UCDO Director.  Fr. Don H. Besana, OAR gave the message.

In behalf of Fr. Roweno Eugenio L. Hamo, OAR,  Rev. Fr. Virgilio Calalang, OAR received/acknowledged the items donated and signed the receipt of donations. A Memorandum of Agreement for Library consortium was signed by Fr. Calalang and  Fr. Besana, OAR.  Signing as witness was Ms. Asierto and Mrs. Dela Cruz.  (news by Ms. Sheila de la Cruz)

Fray Calalang signs the MOA for Library Consortium while Fray Besana and UNO-R Director of Libraries look on.

The San Pedro Academy family with Fray Calalang and the UNO-R volunteers with Fray Besana.

Meanwhile, at San Pedro Academy, Valencia ( (Colegio de San Pedro-Recoletos), the donations were received by Rev. Fr. Jessriel L. Marcha, OAR.  A Memorandum of Agreement for library consortium was signed by Fray Marcha for SPA and Fray Besana for UNO-R.  Signing as witnesses to the agreement were  Fray Monday Benjamine Edobor, OAR of SPA and Ms. Sheila M. Dela Cruz of UNO-R.

San Pedro Academy community with UNO-R volunteers