Fray Don H. Besana, OAR, UNO-R President, and Fray Jose Alden B. Alipin, OAR, UNO-R Vice President for Academics, celebrated the Silver Anniversary of their Simple Profession of vows to the Religious Life as members of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. A Thanksgiving Mass was held at the Oratory of St. Nicholas of Tolentino. Fr. Alden led the concelebrated Mass with Fr. Don, Fr. William Villaflor, OAR; Fr. Cristituto Palomar, OAR; Fr. Ronel Gealon, OAR; Fr. Amadeo Lucero, OAR; Fr. Romeo Ben Potencio, OAR; and Fr. Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR. The homily was shared by Fr. Besana. He pointed out that their hearts are full of gratitude to the faithfulness of God to them and all of us. He recalled that 25 years ago, He, Fr. Alden, and 4 other seminarians made their entrance to the Augustinian Recollect family at the St. Ezekiel Moreno Novitiate in Antipolo. He shared his story of vocation which started at home where he together with his parents developed devotions to the family Rosary, Our Mother of Perpetual Help, First Friday, and Sunday Masses. As he journeyed through his vocation, God purified his intentions. On behalf of his companions, he thanked his professors, Fr. Villaflor, Fr. Palomar, and Fray Joaquin Jamelo, OAR for their guidance and companionship. Fr. Don shared that the poor, chaste and obedient Christ is the essence of the celebration. The vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, that they made 25 years ago, have aided them in their journey. The vow of poverty has strengthened their trust in the Divine Providence. The vow of Chastity has made them available to the Church and the community. The vow of Obedience has taught them to surrender to the will of God thru total obedience to the superiors. He ended his sharing, by not asking the “Why?” of the will of God but by saying “Why not do the will of God?” Fr. Don and Fr. Alden renewed their religious vows before the Local House Prior Fray William Villaflor, OAR, and the community. Fr. Alden gave the words of thanks. “I am in love. I am very much in love with love thanks to God. Because of love, I learned how to listen to others before myself. I learned how to be open to the possibility that anything can happen given the fact that, we, living under one roof, come from different backgrounds and experiences. Because of love, I learned the values essential for community living. Because of Love, I realized that empathy leaves a lasting mark in the hearts of those who experience it. It is love that pushes us to remain pure in spirit, pure in mind, and prudent in our words and actions. Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support. You are simply amazing.”, he said. Joining the two as Silver Jubilarians are Fray James Bumangabang, OAR; Fray Arnel Diaz, OAR; Fray Romel Rubia, OAR and Fray Edgar Tubio, OAR.