Two –day Blended Learning Training -Workshops were held last May 26 – 27 for Team A and May 28-29 for Team B at the University President’s Hall. This was a training program for teachers to equip them with new approaches in delivering instruction and to explore the use of learning management systems, as educational Technology Integration platforms.

At the end of the training, the organizers expect that participants could already select a blended learning approach suited to a course; choose an LMS for course content implementation; prepare course materials, and formulate a blended learning coursework plan for Summer of 2020.

Team A was composed by faculty from the Colleges of Allied Medical Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Religious Education Department while Colleges of Business and Accountancy, Criminal Justice Education, Education, and Other Engineering, CAS and REED faculty composed Team B. The Topics discussed were “Rudiments of Blended Learning; Learning Management Systems: Blended Learning Approaches, Material/Course Preparation; Course Content Planning, Curating, Strategizing and transmitting.

Another workshop for the faculty of the Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School will be held on June 6, 2020.

The lecturers/facilitators were Dr. Elmer Haro; Mr. Ariane Torres; Ms. Mary Gift Dionson and Mr. Markh Jamandre.