February 12-15 marked the celebration of the Campus Organization Week. The event started with the celebration of the Mass where the different organizations gathered for the success of the activity. The exhibits of the organizations at the main lobby depicted not only the highlighted activities but also the testimony and learning experiences of a member of each group. “St. Augustine underlines the role of reviewing the lesson that a student has learned in his heart with the Internal Master who is Jesus. The exhibit of learning experiences is inspired by this. Maybe, it is time that in every activity, we will be more assertive on the learning journal of the student or the group. This is an educational institution and we need to inculcate that activities are not just mere compliance or for the sake of mobilizing the organization but powered by passion for learning – that there is something to be learned from it,” Dr. Dioso said. The event culminated with the Presidents’ gathering or their representatives. They shared their experiences, learning, and suggestions for the Campus Organization Federation. Their experiences focused more on the challenges and difficulties especially in the compliance of the members and their participations to activities. Learning showed their values of patience and understanding, interpersonal relationships, and leadership skills. Comments and suggestions revolved on the activities that will build more collaboration among organizations and introduce the COF to the student body. (DSA)