A group of Japanese businessmen from Ibaraki visited the University last May 30. They were brought in by the Provincial government to meet with university officials regarding the offering of English as a Second Language (ESL) program. They are scouting for partner universities and colleges where they could have faculty and student exchange programs. UNO-R is an accredited learning institution for ESL by the Department of Tourism in Japan. The delegation was headed by Dr. Hideya Terunua; Mr. Hiroshi Shoji; Mr. Nobuaki Fudetani; Mr. Takeshi Yamazaki; Ms. Megumi Narita; Mr. Tumuyuki Okagawa; Mr. Masaru Honda; Mr. Soutarou Nishikawa; Mr. Junji Sakamoto; Mr. Etumu Eda. They were met by the UNO-R team composed of Dr. Nena Samillano; Dean Christopher Taclobos; Dr. Annabee Magbanua; Dr. Jelyn Gaspillo; Mr. Carlo Coloso; Mrs. Analiza Montano; Mrs.Barbara Cordova and Mrs. Joselina Basa.