“Save a life, learn CPR”

“Save a life, learn CPR” is the theme for the CPR-Ready Philippines Awareness Campaign; a “Mass CPR Nationwide” campaign used to fully jumpstart and spark awareness of the importance of CPR in line with the much awaited successful passage of the “Samboy Lim” Bill, an act implementing mandatory CPR training in the high school curriculum. The campaign also promotes awareness and basic knowledge on Hands-Only CPR to every Filipino age appropriate for the skill. It is also a way to gather and unify stakeholders providing training and education on Resuscitation in the country for a common advocacy and future initiatives. With the correct information and proper training of the Filipino people through the nationwide campaign, the Philippines can uplift its status internationally in the field of Resuscitation. That the Philippines is truly “CPR ready”. April 25, 2016, “CPR sites” were chosen per city or town within the province in each region of the Philippines were filled with participants, young and old, who were willing to take part in the “Mass CPR Nationwide” campaign and the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos is one of the chosen sites. A total of 501 participants were registered from UNO-R. The Opening formalities kicked off with a prayer and the singing of the National Anthem followed by an introduction and the giving of General instructions by Mr. Lino Z. Sumbillo, Jr, Director of the Student Development and Placement Center of the University as well as the Adviser of the Amity Youth Volunteers – Recoletos, a rescue volunteer group comprised of youths from different colleges. The Director of External Affairs, Dr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi,Jr. gave a welcoming address to the participants immediately followed by an informative speech about the campaign by the Vice President of the Philippine Heart Association, Bacolod Chapter, Dr. Anthony Gebusion. To close the program, The Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Dexter Paul Dioso, gave the closing remarks to kick start the practical training. During the activity, the President of the Canlaon Medical Society, Dr. Maria Teresa Villanueva was present to show her support to the advocacy. After the opening formalities, the Hands-Only CPR training started. Participants undergo CPR training provided by the Amity Public Safety Academy PHA and AHA certified instructors and Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade members while the remainder of the participants stayed in the lobby to watch instructional and informative videos about CPR as well as watch a demonstration on how to operate an Automated External Defibrillator. The activity was supported by the Office of External Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the Scholarship Office, The Student Development, and Placement Center, the Medical/Dental Clinic and the Deans of the Different Colleges of the University.(Sir Lino and Mrs. Winnie Sumbillo)