UNO-R RPDO Partners with DILG

The University Research, Planning and Development Office administered the Citizen Satisfaction Index System(CSIS) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to the City of Bacolod. The objectives of the CSIS, according to DILG memo 2012-113, are to generate citizens’ perspectives or views on the reach and quality of basic public services and to provide an information handle for citizens and the civil society to allow an informed engagement in the workings of a local government. “The discussion of the results of the study is vital for the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the LGU’s in order to aid them in improving the delivery of basic services – health, education, infrastructure, environment, agriculture, tourism promotion, and peace and order. “, Dr. Mona Freda Secondes, UNO-R RPDO Director, writes in her communication to the participants of the mock presentation.

The results of the study were presented first during the Mock Presentation at the President’s Hall of the university, July 21. Present were the Religious and Lay administrators. Then the study was presented to the Bacolod officials and heads of offices at the Planta hotel last July 24.

Fr. President in his message during the presentation of results started with the principle of “DUC in Altum”. He reminded everyone that UNO-R, as a local Resource Institute (LRI) is just putting the icing on the cake, which was baked by DILG. He thanked DILG for making UNO-R as LRI for the CSIS. He also cautioned everyone that the results are unpredictable thus he apologizes in advance. He said that the study in not here to blame or praise anybody but it is to bring out the truth and the reality. The Mayor also gave his message.

Dr. Secondes, Mrs. Cecile Mercado, Mr. Alfredo Alave and Mr. Francis Bearneza presented the CSIS results for Bacolod. Interesting discussion ensued after the presentation.