Congratulations to the following winners of Recoletos Run for Hope:




Champion                Kevin Libo-on

1st runner – up          Kevin serdina

2nd runner – up         Joram Lava

3rd runner – up         Malvin Pineda

4th runner – up         Glenn Bautista

5th runner – up          John Thomas Miranda

6th runner – up          Richard Emperado

7th runner – up          Kevin Villarico

8th runner – up         Gino Sedurifa

9th runner – up          Adrian Miranda




Champion                Leoniza Belleza

1st runner – up          Ana Marie Jagocoy

2nd runner – up         Clarice Agape Aujero

3rd runner – up         Daisy Benjamin

4th runner – up          Gina Fernandez

5th runner – up          Carla Ganon

6th runner – up         Williane  Joy Montano

7th runner – up          Rufa Mae Deo

8th runner – up         May Ordaniel

9th runner – up         Kaye Antoniette Berduque




Top Religious admin.:             Fr. Rouel Sia

Top male Lay admin.: Mr. Lino  Sumbillo and Mr. Mariano Antenor

Top female lay admin.:           UCDO head Ms. Mely Flores

Top male faculty /employee: Guard Jovy Agohayon

Top female /employee:             Ms. Barbara Cordova

Top male high school student: John Thomas Miranda

Top female high school student: Clarice Agape Aujero