Kartaps at Artekalye

Sample Image

The success of Negros Occidental is due to sugarcane industry. It serves as an inspiration for the Heart Media Class 2009 to come up with a practical demonstration applying the principles of photography.

Heart Media class with Bro. Tagoy, members of Camera Club of Bacolod and the AAB-Negros.

The photo exhibit of the Heart Media Class is dubbed “Kartaps”, a colloquial term which is composed of two visayan words karga which means to carry and tapas which means to reap.

UNO-R Mass Communication Department in its solidarity with the celebrations of the National Arts Month and the 1st Negros Artekalye Festival, the exhibit was made at Escape Bar. It will run for two weeks.

The Camera Club of Bacolod (CCB) headed by Mr. Tonet Abong together with some local and international artists graced the said event.

“This exhibit is more successful compared to my previous exhibits,” Bro. Tagoy, instructor of the Heart Media Class, commented. “Kartaps” is another achievement for the Heart Media Class. Through this exhibit, they were able to show the emotions and struggles of those sugarcane workers which is commonly known as sacadas. This success is another credit for the Heart Media Class ’09 and also to the UNO-R as their honing ground.


by Erwin Nicavera