Campus Ministry

The UNO-R Campus Ministry Office is the transforming presence of Christ in the academe to empower its constituents to become catalyst of change toward the information of a responsible and mature Catholic Christian community.

As the heart of the Recoleto Educational Apostolate aims at actualizing the spirit of a contemplative Marian apostolic community striving to be of one heart and one mind intent upon God.

Our Objectives

It is our duty to foster a Christocentric community in the Augustinian recollects Spirituality and charism by achieving the following objectives:

  • To foster and facilitate opportunities for the strengthening and deepening of spiritual growth through faith-life experience imbibing the Augustinian recollect Spirituality and charism which includes community life, friendship, study, work and prayer.
  • To teach and to be a witness to the total formation of Filipino Christians.
  • To serve as a unifying factor among the different offices and departments in matters of integral human and spiritual development.
  • To program and implement activities which are geared toward the formation of a prayerful Catholic community witnessing the Augustinian recollect Spirituality and charism.
  • To inspire and foster active participation in every liturgical celebration.
  • To build ecclesial communities within the campus for social transformation.


Formative Approach
recollections, retreats, symposia, seminars, growth group sessions, lectures

Pastoral Approach
vocation promotion, catechesis,community service, outreach programs

Liturgical Approach
sacraments, prayer-service, devotional worship, feast days, Bible sharing

Pedagogical Approach
film and slide-showing, pre-sacramental instruction

Social Approach
pilgrimages and outings


Administration of the Sacraments

Recoletos Campus Ministry Summer Institute

Vocation Awareness

  • Vocation Mass
  • Exhibits of different Congregations
  • Room to room Campaign

Spiritual Formation Programs

  • Retreats
  • Recollections
  • Training modules(Liturgical Ministries)

Daily Non-Sacramental Activities

  • Morning Prayer
  • Angelus
  • 3 o’clock Prayer

Campus Ministry Activities (Year Round)

  • Liturgical / Sacramental Rites
  • Eucharistic Celebrations
    • Weekday Masses (Oratory) 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
    • Sunday Masses (Oratory) 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.
    • Community/Institutional Masses
      • First Friday Celebrations
      • Mass of the Holy Spirit (June)
      • Feast days
        • August 19 – Feast of St. Ezekiel Moreno
        • August 28 – Feast of St. Augustine
        • September 10 – Feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentine
    • Aguinaldo Masses (December 16-24)
    • Christmas Evening Mass (December 24)
    • Christmas Day Mass (December 25)
    • Ash Wednesday
    • Level-up Thanksgiving Masses (Basic Education)
    • Baccalaureate Mass (College)
    • Holy Week Celebrations and Easter Triduum
  • Penance Celebrations for:
    • Grade School Department
    • Junior High School
    • Senior High School
    • Confession by appointment
  • First Communion – (Grade III)
  • Confirmation Rites – (Grade X)
  • Formation Activities
    • Spiritual Activities
      • Grade School Recollections
      • Junior High School Recollections/Retreat
      • Senior High School Recollections/Retreat
      • College Freshmen Recollections
      • 4th year College/ 5thyear College Retreat
      • Faculty Recollections (Grade School, Junior and Senior High School, College and Lay Admin)
      • Non-Teaching Personnel (Office Secretaries, Staff and Maintenance workers)
      • Religious Organizations Recollections

We encourage everyone to visit us at the CMO office for your spiritual guidance. We are in the ground floor of Fray Luis de Leon Library building, at the back of the St. Nicholas of Tolentine Oratory

The Oratory of St. Nicholas of Tolentine is our home. Masses, confessions, or any liturgy-related activities are celebrated in this space of contemplation. Feel free to be at home.